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Talking Points: decisions, no decisions, and Funyuns

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.
  • So what tipped the scale for Trooper Taylor? Timing. GVX reports that Taylor saw "no imminent decision" from coach Fulmer on the replacement for David Cutcliffe. "Phillip's going to always meticulously go through all the searches to make sure he's got the best staff together . . . ." Sounds good and all, but sometimes prudence merely results in lost opportunities. At times the best action is no action at all. On the other hand, choosing not to decide is still a choice. In any event, Taylor never felt like a serious candidate, and he just couldn't wait just to be in the mix. He called it the toughest professional decision in his life, and "became emotional" when talking about Tennessee fans and the Knoxville community. For his part, Fulmer said the right things as well: "Trooper did a great job for us. I love him to death, his family and everybody concerned. We wish him nothing but great things." John Adams says Trooper made the right decision and that the jury's out on Fulmer's.
  • At least one commitment for the class of 2008 won't let the fact that Trooper Taylor is leaving change his mind. "I'm OK with it," said 6-5, 215 pound defensive end Steven Fowlkes. An interesting way to put it in light of the fact that Troop's headed to OK.
  • Speaking of questionable decisions, LaMarcus Coker is headed to Hampton, where, because it's a Div. I-AA school, he'll be elilgible to play next season."I understand I did things wrong and I can’t behave that way again. It’s time for me to move on and mature as a man." Good luck to you, LaMarcus.
  • Just who is this Rob Spence? Corn from a Jar's got the answer.
  • And for the oddball post of the week, we of course look to EDSBS, where Orson is on some inexcusable campaign against Funyuns:

    Recommended dosage: None. There’s gutter snack food of a respectable nature, and then there’s Funyuns. You’d be better off bellying up to a hog trough and digging in, since for the most part it’s made of the same American Agri-trash pig feed is made from, which means you’ll probably eat a whole bag while watching the Meineke Car Care Bowl, anyway. This would be appropriate since after eating several servings, you too will feel like you need a wholesale fluid change.
    Unpardonable, sir. Fun-shaped! Abrasive like Crunch Berries! Tenderize and coat the roof of your mouth with some unidentifiable synthetic fatback substitute! Who doesn't like that?