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Talking points: talkin' turkey, cheese, and vomit

And he emerges . . .

  • I was on The Sports Tap's Around the South (audio link) segment for the third time last night talking about the Vols and the Outback Bowl. Um, ignore the part where I said that Demonte Bolden and Rico McCoy were on offense. That was the turkey talking. Anyway, the receiving end of questioning was a very risky position to be in considering the fact that all I know about Wisconsin is what I learned driving through the state in a blizzard on Monday: (1) yes, there are thousands of billboards advertising cheese, and (2) all of the hotels at Wisconsin Dells feature a water park in the lobby and a buffet so overpriced that one is compelled to over eat just to break even, the combination of which must have led to the mysterious pool of puke in the sink of the women's restroom that has scarred one of my daughters for life.
  • Okay, then. Where was I? Oh, yes. Offense == defense, cheese, and vomit. So, woo, we're without a starting defensive tackle and our starting weak side linebacker. Mayo in the Middle is shifting to weak side, and we will substitute Ellix Wilson for Mayo at the Mike.  Call him . . . mustard or something. Oh, and Ryan Karl practiced yesterday for the first time since chipping a bone in his elbow (aaiii!) during the SEC Championship Game against LSU, but they're not sure he's going to play. So, some backup, perhaps Nevin McKenzie, possibly comes in for him.
  • Recap: Starting Will 'backer out. Starting Mike 'backer moves to another position, and a backup takes his spot. Sam 'backer probably out and another backup fills in for him. And we're down a d-tackle. And here comes Wisky, with three healthy runners. Expect the defense to spend waaaay too much time on the field and Ainge, who will be without his favorite target Lucas Taylor, to be frustrated during his limited opportunities.
  • Arian Foster -- you're our only hope.
Happy holidays!