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Talking points: more Outback Bowl stuff edition . . . and commercials!

  • Restless in the gate? According to Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema, running back P.J. Hill should be at 100 percent against the Vols in the Outback. Oh, and he's been wearing a green jersey since returning to practice after suffering a leg bruise against Indiana on October 27. So . . . the man's been saving up hits for two months. Woo.
  • Well, I never! John Adams says Tennessee has become the Wisconsin of the SEC. He has facts, folks, and he's even right in another insulting observation: the two programs are very different when it comes to bowl games. Wisky has won six of its last eight. The Vols have lost five of their last seven. You can reach Mr. Adams at
  • Get more Mayo, quick! Okay, so if Ryan Karl can't play in the Outback Bowl, our linebacking corps will be comprised of Jerod Mayo in the middle and Ellix Wilson and Dorian Davis at the outsides. Um, neither Wilson nor Davis have ever started a game at Tennessee. So . . . woo.
  • Lame ducks are funny. David Cutcliffe says that he might put Trooper Taylor under center "and see hot it goes." Now that's a woo.
  • Remember the Demonte Bolden Should Stay in for the Outback post? Jimmy Hyams is still on it. "What's worse?" he asks. "Throwing two interceptions while giving effort or failing to pass six hours while, apparently, not giving effort?" Good question. Jimmy's also all over the coaches' defending Bolden's post-SEC Championship Game comments:
Some of UT’s coaches tried to defend Bolden taking shots at Ainge by saying Bolden was prodded into the questions or that he didn’t have time to cool off before meeting the media. That’s bunk.

Bolden’s comments about Ainge occurred at least 30 minutes after the SEC title game – which should be plenty of time to gather your thoughts and emotions – and he wasn’t goated into his answers. I was there. I heard the questions.

Bolden was simply frustrated because the defense played well enough to win and Ainge threw two critical picks. So, Bolden was ready to trade some teammates.

UT coaches should have scolded Bolden, not protected him. How do you think that makes Ainge feel?

Ainge is the bigger man, so I'm sure he's fine, but . . . yeah.

This commercial features professional motorcyclist Jeremy McGrath. He is a character in a video game two kids are playing. His digital image turns around mid-game and tells the kids, "Hey, I didn't get here by sitting on my butt playing video games. Go out there and do something, and someday kids will be playing you!"

I understand juvenile obesity is a huge problem, but so is snapping your neck while riding a motorcycle. Plus, motorcycle riding burns almost no calories, requires expensive gasoline and is extremely dangerous.

But remember: Honda isn't trying to sell bikes with this commercial. Oh no. It's trying to save your children's health by tearing them away from video games and putting them on motorcycles. That'll help keep 'em healthy -- until that disfiguring, fiery motorcycle accident. (Eating through a tube will keep you thin, though!)