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BlogPoller Disorder: And.... We're Done

Crap, man, the season's over. Oh sure, the bowl games, and we're all fired up about that Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl... seriously, is that that much of a competitive market for helicopters out there that the good people at Bell thought sponsoring a third-tier bowl game would drive business their way?

Anywho, the final regular-season BlogPoll Ballot:

Rank Team
1 Oklahoma
3 Ohio State
4 Missouri
5 Virginia Tech
6 Southern Cal
7 Kansas
8 Arizona State
9 Georgia
10 Florida
11 Boston College
12 West Virginia
13 Illinois
14 Tennessee
15 Hawaii
16 Clemson
17 Connecticut
18 Wake Forest
19 South Florida
20 Brigham Young
21 Texas
22 Kentucky
23 Wisconsin
24 Oregon
25 Auburn

Dropped Out: Boise State (#13), Cincinnati (#22), Virginia (#23).

I suppose the biggest thing there is that I really like Oklahoma. I realize putting the Sooners in a MNC game against LSU gives you two 2-loss teams going for the title, but I like Oklahoma's wins over a pretty good Mizzou better than anything tOSU did, and OKU's losses be darned.

Any other discrepancies can be blamed, as usual, on the difference between what Joel thinks and what I think (the delta thing is all out of whack, I guess due to the server problems Brian had last week).

Thoughts? Ramblings? Pitchforks?