Vols Topple UGA

Bumped from the diaries. Special thanks to Aerobab for keeping the rest of us informed as we attend to other duties. Only mildly edited. I know Joel's been busy keeping tabs on the 2006 CFBAs, so I guess that means RTT's readers/contributors have to carry the interim load!

This was yet another game that was not televised, so I only had the pleasure of listening to the game in segments and extrapolating data provided in the box score and game recap. A few key points:


  • UT finally managed to outrebout their opponent by the slimmest of margins (35-34)
  • FG percentage returned to where it should be [57.1% total and 47.8% from behind the arc (11-23)]
  • The Smith Boys (JuJuan and Ramar...Not Smitty) were on fire, combining for 43 pts (15-21 from the field, 8-12 for 3's)
  • Duke Crews posted a "deuce-deuce" pulling down 10 boards and putting down 10 pts.  Also had 4 RE-JEC-TIONS!!
  • UT proved that 2 solid halves of hoops can get them a victory over anybody...should be good momentum to take down to the O-Dome this weekend.
  • Too many FTs are still being missed (15-24, 62.5%)
  • Offensive rebounding is still horrible (7 on the the team)
  • "The Blender's" slump continues (32 mins, 3 pts from the charity stripe, 0-4 from the field, and 5 assists)
  • UT's defense was only able to force UGA into 10 turnovers; while allowing 18 themselves
So congrats to the Vols on a deserved (and needed) victory!

I did manage to watch the UF-Vandy game last night to do some "preliminary scouting" for Saturday's showdown with the Gators.  Vandy was up 11 at the half, and wound up losing by 10.  I have only 1 request when we travel to G'ville...Coach Pearl, will you PLEASE put somebody in Lee Humphrey's face??

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