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Hulk Smash 'Dores, Chism and company destroy Vandy

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Call it a breakout game for 6'-9", 245-pound forward Wayne Chism. The freshman was enjoying a fantastic game, contributing to a 13-0 initial run by hitting his first two three-pointers when something happened during a wrestling match with Vandy's Ross Neltner for a loose ball that made Wayne mad. Chism got the timeout, but was hit with a technical foul in the process. Taking after coach Hulk, Chism apparently plays even better mad, and after the technical, his fantastic game mutated into something simply sensational:

As you can see from the clip above, Chism followed up the technical with a barbarian, two-handed slam, and not too much longer, he hit a three and teamed up with fellow freshman Ramar Smith for the play of the game.

Defending a quicker perimeter player, Chism forced a bad cross court pass, which Smith deflected and ran down. Smith then led the fast break with one guy defending and Chism and Josh Tabb trailing. When Smith got to the right side of the lane, he no-looked a behind-the-back pass to Chism, but led him just a bit too much. Chism stretched out to barely tip the ball to the ground for a single dribble and had to spin to the left, away from the basket, to get control. With his momentum about to carry him out of bounds, he jumped with his back to the basket, and it looked like he was either going to throw the ball back into play or possibly try to lay it off the glass. Instead, he twisted another 90 degrees and threw it down with both hands.

Bob Kesling and color guy Bert Bertlekamp got a bit excited, calling it a "huge" and "tremendous" play, but that really doesn't do it justice. The play seemed to come from nowhere, and it looked like it was going to fail right up until the moment Chism closed the deal.

In all, Chism went 6-11 on field goals, 3-5 on three-point attempts, and 2-4 on free throws. He closed with 17 points, 12 rebounds, and two steals.