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Rocky Top Talking Points: ripping, recruiting, growing, and shining edition

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  • Hulk turns on the Pantheon. Coach Pearl apparently tore into his team for a good 30 minutes following Saturday's loss to The Road (this time at South Carolina). The Vols have now lost all six of their SEC road games, but, as Andy noted yesterday, losing on the road in the SEC is a problem that is not unique to Tennessee.
  • Ranking recruiting. Dave Hooker has a really cool article on GoVolsXtra ranking coach Fulmer's recruiting classes ($).  The top three are 1997, 1994, and 1995. The jury is largely out on this year's class. If you have a subscription, go check out the whole thing.
  • Oh, just because. South Park-esque caricatures of SEC coaches.
  • More blogs! Sports Blogs Nation continues to grow. New blogs this weekend are Bloody Elbow, Buc Em, and Indy Cornrows, which will be blogging on mixed martial arts, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Indian Pacers, respectively. Welcome, guys!
  • Corn from a Jar to "shine" this week. I'll be out of town at a conference in Orlando all week. All non-conference center time will, of course, be spent throwing money at Mickey, so blogging will be next to nothing from me until a week from today. Andy will be here, though, blogging up a storm, I'm sure.