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Breaking News: Corn from a Jar not dead

... though it was iffy there for a while. Yeah, so I'm sure y'all have been wringing your hands over my absence this week. Here's what happened: I came home from work Monday to find my wife in bed. Hold on, it's not as much fun as it sounds. She had come down with a flu-ish type thing that she either gave to or got from our 11-month-old twin sons, as they were sick, too. So, much of the business of running the infirmary I used to call my house was put on me (though I did get large amounts of help from my in-laws). Of course, I end up getting sick, too. Needless to say, blogging got put on the back (way, way, back) burner. But now I'm back. I think. While I was out:

I hear CBS is working on a pilot called "Everybody Loves Orson" based on this week's CFB Blogger Awards procession. Tennessee blogs got shut out, including your's truly's old blog. Because only first and second places were named, I'm going to claim third place, or as I like to call it, 1st Second-Runner-Up. My concession speech, in the form of a haiku, 'cause that's what we do around here:

Best New Blog goes to
Fire Mark May? I've got two words:
Highway robbery.

But I think I'll recover. Good job by all nominees and winners, even Orson. And an especial thanks to our fearless leader Joel, for spearheading this effort.

HOLY CRAP TENNESSEE WON A BASKETBALL GAME!!! And Areobab did a great job of recapping the good and bad from Wednesday night's win over UGA. It's no coincidence that UT was able to win at home, that's the story of the year in the SEC. I wouldn't count Tennessee out of any game left at the Thomps this year. Saturday's game at Florida? That's another story.

It was another big week in a big year for Tennessee recruiting. For the record, I agree with Orson that recruiting is kind of creepy. But it's a necessary creepy, so we might as well talk about these kids. As Joel pointed out Monday, Tennessee added a much-needed safety to the class last weekend in four-star JUCO player Nevin McKenzie. Then on Thursday, the Vols picked up commitments from four-star running back Lennon Creer and his high-school teammate, three-star athlete Darnius Moore. This is going to be a very highly-ranked class (probably no worse than third nationally by, but that just means increased pressure for Fulmer and Co. If this class comes and goes without winning an SEC championship, I think you'll see major changes on the Hill. hopefully, we won't have to worry about that.