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Rocky Top Talking Points: And now back to our regularly scheduled programming edition

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  • Whew. All of this year's winners of the inaugural College Football Blogger Awards are over in the Trophy Case. The race will tighten up next year, as the winners have made themselves ineligible by winning. Congrats to all of the winners, runners up, and nominees and thanks to everyone for following us around the 'sphere the last couple of days. Thanks, too, to the Rocky Top Talkers for excusing the varied focus and the consequent sparsity of posting on the Vols recently. We're now back to regularly scheduled programming.
  • Pretty big game for the Pantheon (15-7,  3-4 SEC) tomorrow against the dreaded Gators (20-2, 7-0 SEC). I say "pretty big" because (1) Tennessee is unranked and Florida is ranked No. 1; (2) it's at Florida; (3) the Discombobulator probably won't be available; (4) Florida's thirst for revenge for having lost twice to the Vols last season has not yet been quenched even to a degree; (5) we'll get to play them at home later, when most of these factors will likely have changed; and (6) it falls during the weekend of a really big game. Lincoln Financial Sports has the telecast at 3:00 p.m.
  • On the gridiron, the Vols have landed the tailback they wanted, Lennon Creer from Tatum, Texas. We won't spend a lot of time on recruiting here until everything is inked, but it's worth noting that Tennessee is putting together what looks to be a wicked good class.
  • Dawg Sports is out of the gate in a hurry in the race for next year's Bran Muffin with the debut of Can We All Agree. Let me be the first to agree that "if you lose the game, you lose the argument, too."