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Rocky Top Talking Points: Glue, pressure, & margin of error edition

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Not a whole lot going on football-wise on the eve of spring practice. But with a big game tonight on the hardwood, there is some basketball to talk about:

  • Aerobab found an article he wants you to do something with. Not sure what, though. Something about Dane Bradshaw and glue. Check it out.
  • Tennessee would improve to 15-0 at home with a win over Alabama tonight. With a loss they will see their NCAA bubble come closer to bursting. No pressure, right?
  • Wrong. Bruce Pearl is putting the pressure on his team tonight, telling them "There is no margin of error" against Alabama.

All for now. Come back for the live thread this evening as Tennessee plays Alabama at 8:00 EST on LF Sports.

Update [2007-2-21 16:42:18 by CornFromAJar]:The "margin of error" link above was supposed to be to this article from the Maryville Daily Times and I just now caught and fixed the error. My bad. When is Joel getting back?