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Rocky Top Talking Points: Sunday, random Sunday edition

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Who said you can't win on the road in the SEC? Oh, yeah, I did. Well, I was wrong. You are allowed to show your shock. The stats from yesterday's 83-72 win at Arkansas:

  Tennessee Arkansas
Field goals 30/72 (41.7%) 25/49 (51.0%)
3-Point FGs 10/35 (28.6%) 1/8 (12.5%)
Free throws 13/23 (56.5%) 21/26 (80.8%)
Rebounds (Off-Def) 30 (17/13) 38 (10/28)
Assist/Turnover 16 / 11 13 / 24
Points off turnovers 38 13

Note the highlighted stats, turning turnovers into points is what balanced out Arkansas' dominance inside.

So now the Vols come back to Knoxville to face Florida. Dare to dream, but The Road has gotten the better of the Gators lately, with Florida dropping games at Vanderbilt and at LSU. Rumor has it that Florida will be wearing form-fitting alligator-print unis for Tuesday's game. That might be worth the price of admission alone. Tickets are still available.

Some random football notes for you:

  • We kind of knew anyway, but Inky Johnson's officially done with football.
  • Arron Sears is hoping the versatility he showed at UT will help him find a spot in the NFL.
  • Here's a history lesson: Fulmer was recently given a game ball from the 1940 UT/Alabama game.
  • I'm gaining confidence that Erik Ainge can run the no-huddle offense, but do the Vols have the receivers to do it? Oh, and LaMarcus Coker is going to try to stay out of the doghouse:
    There's a consequence for everything ... It's just cause and effect. Everything has a reaction. You've just got to make good decisions and do your part. I've got to be here for my teammates.
    Good call, kid.