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Rocky Top Talking Points: fender bender edition

  • Okay, so the Gators are coming to town, and Dickie V. is going to be there, looking over his shoulder for hot microphones, but don't forget about Dane Bradshaw, the basketball Vols' sole senior playing his final home game. The Glue Guy, whom I'm sure Aerobab wants you to know has not asked coach Pearl's daughter to marry him, yet, is deserving of all of the praise Vol fans can drum up for him, so let's give him his due tonight.
  • Somebody's put together a four-part YouTube Series of Phillip Fulmer's Greatest Locker Room Moments. There's no behind-the-scenes towell-snapping or other antics, but it's an interesting look from the inside. There's a special appearance by what appears to be Al Gore, sharing the spotlight after the 1998 National Championship Game.

A minor traffic accident during an early morning errand this morning means that I just have to post what I wrote last night, so that's all there is.

Go Vols!