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Rocky Top Talking Points: Gator, Gator, Gator edition

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  • If you missed last night's Tennessee-Florida game, you missed a perfect night. The game highlight reel, courtesy of, is a must see. The look on Peyton Manning's face when Pat Summitt, decked out in a cheerleader outfit, led the crowd in Rocky Top is priceless. Whenever I write "okay, then," on this blog, that's the look on my face. The best possession, in my view, is at about the 8:58 (of the game clock) mark of the first half. There's another great one at 18:46 (of the game clock) of the second half.
  • Hat tip to Fulmer's Belly for finding the YouTube of Summit's cheerleading stunt so quickly:
  • On the football front, Tennessee is experimenting with the no-huddle offense this spring, and over at the FanHouse Andy wonders whether they have the right personnel for it.
  • Florida State is not going to grant Brandon Warren a release ($). Okay, then.
  • And finally, if you missed it, Orson of Every Day Should Be Saturday and Peter of Burnt Orange Nation hosted the first episode of EDSBS Radio last night. Orson keeps calling it a train wreck, but if it was, it was in reverse, because although they had a couple of hitches early on (I was the first caller, and I spent what seemed like an eternity flubbing around and trying to remember stuff about the season long forgotten), they picked up steam and finished very strong. Excellent work, guys. Check out last night's episode to hear it for yourself. Listen at your own risk, though, as there's a reason for the "explicit" icon. Lots of them, actually. Really, really good stuff, though.