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Hulk and the Pantheon take on The Abomination: Vols-Gators game day open thread

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February 3 , 2007, 3:00 EST
TV: Lincoln Financial Sports
Radio:Vol Network
Internet Broadcast: Yahoo!
Phone Broadcast: TeamLine
Live Stats: CSTV GameTracker Live

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As I said yesterday, there's a "pretty big" game today for coach Pearl and the basketball Vols, also known around here as Hulk and the Pantheon. The Hulk's primary physical adversary is the Abomination, a "massive, green-skinned monster" that can hold its breath for abnormally long periods of time. This, of course, is a perfect description of our reptilian rivals to the south, the Florida Gators.

The Abomination

a.k.a. The Florida Gators

Like the Hulk, the Abomination "belongs to a small minority born with a genetic factor that cause[s] them to mutate . . . ." Exhibit A:
Genetic abnormalities? You be the judge.

The Abomination is twice as powerful as a calm Hulk, and two defeats in a row at the hands of the Hulk have driven the Abomination insane with hatred toward Banner and his boys. So is it a lost cause? No, because the Abomination's powers and abilities, while awe-inspiring, do not increase or decrease based on its emotional state. The Hulk's, on the other hand, do. Remember that "the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets," and an enraged Hulk can and will overcome the Abomination. You know, like last year during the regular season.

Still, the Pantheon will likely be without Chris "the Discombobulator" Lofton today and will be at a serious disadvantage playing on the Abomination's home court. JaJuan Smith and Ramar Smith have stepped up their games recently in the absence of Lofton, but can the Blender and DuWayne Chews keep up with the Smiths? And will coach Hulk be more calm or more enraged?

If the Vols are fired up, focused, and prepared -- wait, never mind -- if the Vols are emotionally prepared for this game, they could come home with the victory. More than likely, though, this battle will belong to the Abomination.

I (and Corn from a Jar, I think) will be here at game time. Aerobab will likely straggle in mid-way through the second half. Everybody's welcome, so come on in and join the fun.

Leave your pre-, in-, and post-game thoughts below.

Go Vols! Hulk Smash!