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Tennessee-LSU game day open thread: now every game counts

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February 6, 2007, 9:00 EST
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So the loss to the Abomination was "pretty big," but time is running out for the basketball Vols, and every game from here on out is really big. First up are the LSU Tigers at Thompson-Boling.

Chris Lofton's ankle is still sore, but we're going to need him, and he's going to play. I and Corn from a Jar will be here at tip off. Hang out with us here as we root the Vols into the Big Dance.

By the way, I got an email from Gator fan "Matt," with the subject line "Pearl = Classy Hulk" that I that y'all might appreciate it. Even Gators like recognize that we have a good thing in Bruce Pearl. Who knew?

* * * *

Amazingly, I'm not writing you to badmouth you about talking bad about Florida, which I'm pretty sure is the usual communication between any Gator and Volunteer. Instead, I'm writing to praise your team, and specifically your coach.

After the UF-Tenn game on Saturday, I've read a lot of articles about the game, and in every one, Coach Pearl is complimenting the Gator players. One comment was "They honor the game with the way they play." And I keep running across new compliments all the time.

I must say, I'm impressed with the class and civility that the entire Tennessee team showed on Saturday and afterwards. The fact that every Tennessee player patted Corey Brewer on the back when he limped off the court was one of the best displays of sportsmanship I've seen in a while.

You've been writing depressed lately, as the Volunteers lost one game after another. Well, here is one thing to keep your chin up about: your basketball team is the pinnacle of class.

So while I know you have nothing to do with, well, any of that, from one fan to another, I wanted to say thanks. Hopefully we can keep this up. At least until Football season. Then the Fat Fulmer jokes come back out.

Go Gators,


Thanks for the note, Matt. You have doubled the number of Gator fans that I like.

You know what, folks? He's right. No matter what happens this season, we can and should be happy about the direction of the program.

Leave your pre-, in-, and post-game thoughts below.

Go Vols! Hulk Smash Tigers!