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Rocky Top Talking Points: just call me Peyton edition

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Very quick this morning, as I've spent most of my evening and morning updating the 2006 College Football Blogger Award Trophy Case. It now lists all of the winners, runners up, and nominees for each category and includes importable bookmarks and importable feeds. Winners and runners-up, I'll be sending button code snippets later today or tomorrow. Also, I have an aggregator page (headlines from all of the nominees' feeds with links and attribution) set up, but it is not yet public, as I would like to obtain consent from each of the bloggers before making it so.

Anyway, on to this morning's Rocky Top Talking Points.

  • It's been a Peyton Manning fest around here for the past couple of days. I was happy to write that nice guys do sometimes finish first (and second), and Smitty posted a public thank you to Manning for all he's done for the University of Tennessee. Oh, and the Knoxville News Sentinel has a bunch of stuff, including a very long list of folks across the country who have named their children after the University's greatest ambassador.
  • Chris Lofton is going to return to action tonight against LSU. The basketball Vols must finish strong if they want any chance to get a bid to the NCAA Tournament.
  • Coach Fulmer and the UT football staff are hoping to finish this recruiting season strong during tomorrow's national signing day. As of now, the predictions are that the Vols will have one of the top three recruiting classes in the country. The Wiz says that Rivals expects 75 million page views tomorrow. Wow.
  • Brian records the Top Ten College Football Moments of 2006 for posterity, complete with YouTubes.  No. 1? Statue Of . . . Hook And . . . BOTH!, which breaks down the game-winning drive and two-point conversion for Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl over Oklahoma.