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Hulk Smash Tigers! Vols beat LSU 70-67

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The basketball Vols got Chris Lofton back and got back into the win column. Coincidence? No. Loften may have only had eight points, but his mere presence changed the tenor of the game and the way LSU played defense, which is to say that they didn't. Even better, Tennessee's defense was excellent, especially on Glen Davis, who they held to five points. Final stats:

Final Stats
  Tennessee LSU
Field Goals 22-57 (39%) 22-49 (44.9%)
3-Point FGs 5-21 (24%) 7-14 (50%)
Free Throws 21-28 (75%) 16-23 (70%)
Rebounds 30 (13 off, 17, def) 39 (14 off, 25 def)
Turnovers 12 20

Quote of the game, from LSU coach John "the Whiner" Brady:

"We missed better shots down the stretch than the 3-pointer their guy made, and it's not like [Jordan Howell] is Pete Maravich running around out there."
Okay, then.