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A Haul for Y'all: Tennessee lands another top five recruiting class

Wooo! Big day for Tennessee yesterday, as coach Fulmer and company hauled in another top five recruiting class. Y'all had a truckload of information dumped on you yesterday, and the recaps today will likely be another only slightly modified dump in a different location. Corn from a Jar and I, though, are going to take our time to sort through the rubble, picking up each piece and giving it a good once over. The current plan is to start getting to know these guys one at a time (as opposed to just looking at the whole bunch; these guys are not bananas, after all), starting maybe thirty-two days or so prior to the Orange and White Game.

But for now, know that we had a good day. Tennessee's official website has video of signing day and audio of an almost ecstatic coach Fulmer. In the team rankings, has Tennessee as No. 5, has them at No. 3, and ESPN has the Vols at No. 5.

And now for a public service announcement: don't get too excited, as the Abomination (yes, I think it works for football, too) had an even better day. They're No. 1. Again.