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Rocky Top Talking Points: giant orange yard sale edition

  • You, too, can own a piece of Thompson-Boling Arena. Tennessee is replacing the orange seat in TBA with black ones, and they're selling off the orange ones ($). Prices? $126 for one, $155 for two, and $247 for four. Okay, then.
  • Freshman offensive lineman Code Cody Pope injured his right foot during off season workouts. It looks like he's going to miss spring practice. Defensive tackle Walter Fisher and defensive end Robert Ayres are also going to miss spring practice.
  • Yesterday, there was a new splash screen at Tennessee's official website that looked pretty cool, but it appears to be gone now. It had something to do with the campaign to paint the town orange for the Lady Vols game against Kentucky this Sunday and the men's game against Kentucky the following Tuesday. Anybody else see it?