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Rocky Top Talking Points: alarm clock malfunction edition

Silly alarm clock. Gave me more sleep, but left me with little time this morning.

  • On the Sports Animal yesterday morning, Mike Griffith said that Dick Vitale sought him and John Adams out before the Tennessee-Florida game just so he could apologize and give them a couple of autographed books and a note saying that the whole breach of Billy Donovan's confidence on the air was his fault. A pretty classy move in my book, and my opinion of Vitale has increased significantly. I thought he did a great job calling the game and adding to the "event-ness" of it as well.
  • Time Capsule. One year ago today we broke out the awesome giant, human orange and white checkerboard for senior night.
  • Check out Aerobab's diary on the 2006-07 MVP. It will be the official discussion thread for the latest poll on the right sidebar.