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Brackets, baby, brackets! NCAA Tournament selection open thread

Alright, I'm out of my funk from this morning. The SEC tourney is in the books and the year's best non-football sporting event is upon us: It's Selection Sunday!

I've got no real feel of what seed Tennessee will get. After last year's 2 seed -- which I felt came from way out in left field -- I'm a little gun shy as to trying to project a seed. I voted for 4 in the poll at right, but that's a pure guess. Anything from 4-8 wouldn't really surprise me. The folks at the Bracket Project (a really cool site that tracks all the different bracket projections out there) have us at 5 seed (HT: Fanhouse). That's probably about right, but would put us on the wrong end of the dreaded 5/12 upset trap.

CBS reveals the bracket at 6:00 p.m., and we'll be here right after to take a look at how UT's bracket is shaping up. So leave your guesses and picks in the comments below. Oh, and here's a link to a blank bracket you can print off and fill in, if you're like me and start picking games as soon as they're announced.

Go Vols!