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Call the 'SHINE LINE, operators are standing by

It's been about a month since you've gotten a fresh episode of the Corn from a Jar podcast, and that's just too long, daggumit. So with the NCAAs just about to start, you can expect a new episode before the games tip off on Thursday. It'll be chock-full of brackety goodness, 'cause that's what this time of year is all about.

In conjunction with the 1st Annual CFAJ Podcast Bracket Extravaganza, I want to invite you to call the 'SHINE LINE! The 'SHINE LINE is your way to participate in the CFAJ podcast. Just dial 1-865-270-6769 and leave a message. Your calls will be featured on the next episode of the podcast.

What I'm looking for this week are first-round upset specials and predictions of how far Tennessee will go. So fill out your bracket in the Rocky Top Talk NCAA Tournament Challenge and then call in to defend that Oral Roberts in the Sweet-16 pick. Or if you've had a few cold ones and just wanting to sing Rocky Top to the couple dozen people who actually listen to the podcast, that's cool too.

Call the 'SHINE LINE at 1-865-270-6769!