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Rocky Top Talking Points: just another day edition

  • Deadspin's pants party. Today's must-read post: the Deadspin preview of the Tennessee-Long Beach State game. Here's the tease:
    The Pride of the Southland Marching Band debuted [Rocky Top] at a football game in 1972; antennae across the state twitched in primal recognition at the mention of moonshine, and the rest is history. Leave it to an SEC school to abandon the perfectly proper "Down the Field" and adopt an ode to murder and grain alcohol as its anthem.

    Go read the whole thing. Hat tip to Andy for catching it.

  • CFAJ Podcast, Take II. Don't miss the 1st Annual Corn from a Jar Podcast Bracket Extravaganza either.
  • The new phonebooks are here! My guest column in The Daily 49er is up. I was to submit 400 words on what LBS fans should expect against Tennessee, and my first draft was over 800 words. I submitted it at 408, and it's posted at 371. But really, it's just a flesh wound. Thanks again to Sports Editor Patrick Creaven for providing us with material and me with an opportunity to be run through the printing press. By the way, Patrick's on the ground in Columbus today, and will be there for the teams' press conferences. He's offered to pass along any questions we might have for the coaches and players, so if you've been dying to ask Wayne Chism why his headband is always threatening to pop off into the rafters, now's your chance. Either email me or leave it in the comment section below. I don't know what time the press conference is, so don't dawdle.
  • D'oh! Chris Webber was a "super sophomore," not a "fab freshman" when he both walked and called a timeout he didn't have in the national championship game back in 1993. I need an editor. And fact-checkers. Wait. I have fact-checkers.
  • As of this morning, we are all perfect. We have 19 entries in the Rocky Top Talk NCAA Tournament Challenge. You can keep up with the standings by visiting the link, but I'll update the standings here on a daily basis as well.
  • SBN Tournament Central. SB Nation blog Rakes of Mallow will be the college clearinghouse for breaking information on all of the NCAA games played today and tomorrow afternoon. As of right now, Card Chronicle and Carolina March are on point tonight and tomorrow night, respectively.
  • Andy, cue the boo button. How are y'all going to keep up with the games today? What are you doing for the Tennessee game tomorrow? Taking off work? Relying on your Tivo? Following it on the web? I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. Probably miss the whole thing.
  • We're No. 12! We're No. 12! College Football News has, you guessed it, made a list, this time of the Hoops and Helmets Rankings for 2007 (the schools with the best football and basketball programs combined). Tennessee is No. 12, behind, the Abomination, Ohio State, Wisky, Louisville, Texas A&M, USC, Texas, BYU (!), Notre Dame, UCLA, and Virginia Tech.