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Time Capsule: Double Shocker: Vols lose to Witchita State and TiVo disappoints

Well, no wonder I couldn't remember who we lost to last year. One year ago today:

Double bummer.

Not just one, but both of my TiVos missed the Volunteer basketball game yesterday.  The one set up to auto-record a Wishlist with the keywords TENNESSEE and BASKETBALL didn't catch the game at all.  A result of late-arriving program information, I'm guessing.

I manually set the other one to record the program that was identified as "NCAA Basketball -- Tennessee v. Witchita State" and set it to record an hour and a half longer than programmed, which is what saved me from missing Lofton's last second heroics against Winthrop.

I even made it through church and got all the way home without hearing the score or the result.  Unfortunately, the second TiVo recorded almost three hours of programming information -- brackets showing game times and channels.  "The Tennessee-Witchita State game is on channel 700 and something."  Well, thank you.  Do something about it.  I had recorded almost three hours of the television mocking me that I was on the wrong channel.

No problem, I thought.  I'll go to and catch the archived game there.  Blacked out.  "This game is available on your local CBS affiliate."  No kidding.  Thanks for the info.

Well, how about iTunes?  They only have about 9 minutes of each game available, but it's something.  However, only Round 1 games were available last night.

So I just went ahead and looked at the score.

Oops.  What happened?  Don't ask me and don't ask my TiVos -- they'll just tell you what channel it was on.

Fortunately, TennVolChamp was back in the saddle after an extended absence, and just in time.  If you missed the game, too, go check out his take.  Sounds like we played well until the end.  Sort of like the season?

So now we're down to a week of moaning about the loss, though it really shouldn't be that way.  Unlike football season, basketball season almost invariably ends with a loss, and if it doesn't, you're either not in post-season play (bad) or you're the national champion (good).  There's a lot of good middle ground there.

So after that, we have another week or two of spring football practice and the orange and white game and then the deep black hole of collegiate sports known as summer.

Time for college sports bloggers to tweak sites and rest up a bit before doing it all again next year.

Makes you even more appreciative that we're still dancing this morning, huh?