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Rocky Top Talking Points: all the news on Rocky Top edition

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  • The football team is devoting considerable time this spring to shoring up both its offensive and defensive lines. Of course, we need to replace Arron Sears on the o-line, but don't forget about David Ligon, another offensive starter that we need to replace. On the defensive side, we have Turk McBride-, Matt McGlothlin-, and Justin Harrell-sized holes. We were without Harrell for most of last year, and it showed. Air Force was the first team to really expose our inability to stop the run up the middle. Other teams followed suit for the rest of the season up to and including the Outback Bowl. Doesn't it seem like we've been completely revamping the defensive line every year for forever? On that note, former Parade All-American Demonte' Bolden, um, really wants to play.
  • Coach Fulmer got no raise for the second year in a row. He did, however, have his contract extended another two years to 2013, and, even more importantly, receive a "pool of money" to award raises to his assistant coaches. We'll know who gets what in a few weeks. What do y'all think? Suppose he gets, say, $500,000. How would you divvy it up?
  • The Tennesseean has an interesting article on UT basketball walk-on Tanner Wild, whose grandparents were on the plane that is the subject of the movie We Are Marshall (audio/video link).
  • Peyton Manning will be hosting Saturday Night Live on March 24. It will be his 21st 31st Update [2007-3-2 9:11:9 by Joel]: (More awesome, early morning typos!) birthday. He's been so media-perfect -- saying all of the right, diplomatic things -- for so long, that seeing him loosen up a bit could be a great deal of fun.
  • I can't tell if this is from Tuesday's Tennessee-Florida game or not, but I'm thinking it is:
  • And speaking of Rocky Top the song,'s DJ Gallo breaks down the lyrics, and, well, he has some questions for us.
  • Do not miss EDSBS' Three Ways to Get Hit by a Football.