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Rocky Top Talking Points: big orange surgeons steal Ainge's meniscus edition

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Considering that there's a huge basketball game this week, it's a relatively slow day.

  • Ainge in Orange underwent successful surgery on his right knee yesterday and is expected to return in 3-6 weeks. The original plan was to repair Ainge's torn meniscus cartilage, which would have been better for Ainge in the long run but worse for Vol fans because it would require a 12-week recovery period. The reports all say that the cartilage was instead removed but are almost eerily silent on the reason. Is anyone else imagining orthopedic surgeons decked out in don't-shoot-me-I'm-not-a-deer orange scrubs and wielding scalpels cackling with each other after a couple of "accidental" snips?
  • Bruce Pearl will be featured on Head Coach over the next couple of days on Sport South and Sun Sports. The show has been getting some good reviews on Tennessee message boards.
  • Send the Vols off to San Antonio in style this evening by joining up with other Tennessee fans behind Stokely Athletic Center on Johnny Majors Drive at 5:30 EST. If you get a chance to be there to show your support, send us some pictures and let us know what it's like.
  • GoVolsXtra's Drew Edwards has a nice feature on Ryan Childress ($) today. Childress is from a Cincinnati suburb and played a lot of AAU ball in Columbus. He had family there to watch his excellent performance this past weekend, and he'll have family in San Antonio to pull for him over the Buckeyes.
  • If you haven't seen it already, check out Smitty's dream scenario over in the diary section. I'm with him all the way. Or at least until he suggests that we "never watch basketball again."
  • Over at ProTrade, Tennessee is currently trading for $133.02. I bought in at $103.18, and so far my return is 28.92%. If I was going to buy and sell according to my bracket, I'd be selling right now, but I think I'm going to hold on to it for now. What do y'all think? Is Tennessee a buy, sell, or hold right now?

All for now. Beware of black market, recycled meniscus cartilage branded with a Power T.