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Rocky Top Talking Points: Buckeyes, Bruce, and bibs edition

Lots o' stuff happening today, so let's get right to it:

  • Sean from SBN Ohio State blog Around the Oval gives us the inside scoop on the Ohio State Buckeyes, complete with a scouting report on each starter. It's a great read, so don't miss it. Sean will be posting my answers to his questions on AtO later today, after he wakes up. He's a college student, okay? Remember those days?
  • Jim from Conquest Chronicles, who knows a little something about orthopedic surgery, gives us a technical perspective on Ainge in Orange's recent knee surgery, complete with links to real pictures. Yikes.
  • Okay, so in my Ohio State preview -- Y'all can go to Hades, we're going to Texas -- I listed Daequan Cook as a "probable starter," which is incorrect and almost certainly a major insult to Ron Lewis, who hit the winning shot against Tennessee the last time we played them and the shot that sent the Xavier game into overtime. At least Tennessee's official site had it wrong, too.
  • Another Ohio State blog, Buckeye Commentary, sounds fairly confident about the Buckeyes' chances tonight against the Vols. If you're looking to talk trash, the comment thread may be a good place to start.
  • Fulmer's Belly takes a look at a recent ESPN poll and notes the interesting color scheme used to represent the results of the poll.
  • The Washington Post has a must-read article on Hulk and the Pantheon.
  • Orson's released the Coaches' Bracket for the Punchout 64. Coach Fulmer is a three seed, based on this hate!, hate!!, hate!!! assessment:
    3. Phil Fulmer. Lumpen body. Lumpen personality. Lummoxy dullard who ratted out Alabama for recruiting violations with tactics adopted wholesale from the script of Mean Girls, including gossipy faxes to the SEC commissioner sent with "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY" written on it. Also fat, which even fat people hate. Stabbed Johnny Majors in the back for the job in the first place.


  • Just to let you know, I'll be retiring soon. I have won the lottery in five different European countries this week alone. I'll collect just as soon as I email all of my personally identifiable information to some shyster with a Yahoo! address.
  • Yikes!
  • If you get a chance, check out's What If Tournament. Pretty interesting exercise.

All for now. The Tennessee-Ohio State open thread will be posted either this afternoon by Andy or a couple of hours before game time by me. See y'all then. Go Vols! Hulk smash!