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Is Chris Lofton the next Gilbert Arenas?

A diarist over at SBN Washington Wizards blog Bullets Forever has written a post comparing Tennessee's Chis Lofton to Wizards' star Gilbert Arenas. Go check it out and then come back.

The stats comparison and similarity of the video compilations is almost eerie. Also striking is the fact that both of them are motivated primarily by people telling them they can't do it. One of Gil's nicknames, Agent Zero, derives from the fact that he took jersey number 0 after being told that's how many minutes he would play at Arizona. Lofton, as all Vol fans know by know, was not recruited by either Kentucky or Louisville despite being named Mr. Basketball in the Commonwealth. He has played some of his best games against the Big Blue.

If there is a difference between the two on the floor between the two, it's their shooting style. Lofton's is a fadeaway, while Arenas' is more of a straight-up jumper. There is a huge difference, though, off the floor. I don't even follow the NBA, but I know who Gil is because of his colorful personality. You can find out all about that over at Bullets Forever or at D.C. Sports Bog. Arenas is an extraordinarily entertaining guy. He even has his own blog: Agent Zero: the Blog File. Lofton, on the other hand, has been described by local columnist Mike Griffith as boring off the court ($). (That article is actually very complimentary of Lofton; it just contrasts his exciting style of play on the court with his quiet demeanor.)

So for those of you who know more about Arenas than I do, what do y'all think of the comparison? Leave your thoughts here and over at Bullets Forever.