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Rocky Top Talking Points: who knew edition

  • On the off chance that you missed EDSBS' Football 101 tutorial, go check it out. And note the "101." Good stuff, and more to come, I'm sure.
  • A hearty welcome to SB Nation's new Boston Celtics blog, Green Bandwagon.

    Head over to Green Bandwagon and see how nice the logo looks when it's not bordered by orange. While you're at it, say Norm! Jim!

  • The most recent poll asked readers to identify the primary reason the Vols lost to the Buckeyes in San Antonio. Fifty-three percent blamed poor free throw percentage. Twenty-eight percent thought Ohio State was just better. I was one of the 10% that thought poor field goal percentage led to all of the other problems. Had we shot better we would have come away with the win despite our horrid FT shooting percentage, just like we had been doing all year. The new poll asks whether you're going to the spring game this Saturday.
  • Chris Lofton has been named to the AP All-America second team. Congratulations, Chris.
  • The presidents of SEC schools are going have their annual meeting in . . . well, sometime within the next year. Not news. They'll be talking about a college football playoff. News.
  • Athletic Director Mike Hamilton wants Pearl to retire at Tennessee ($). Not now, mind you, but when he's, you know, ready to retire. Pearl's a hot commodity, especially with the current abundance of coaching vacancies. So Hamilton's going to make Pearl happy. He's going to make me happy in the process.
  • Sophomore forward Tony Passley will not be returning to Tennessee. Pearl now has two scholarships to offer for the upcoming season. If he adds somebody like Greg Oden or Kevin Durant to the team we have returning -- hoo-wee, watch out.
  • Well, what do you know? There is a Vanderbilt Sports blog, and it's quite good. Head on over to Vanderbilt Sports Line ("The Best Dang Vanderbilt Sports Blog on the Web") and say howdy. Hat tip to Andy, who found them first.
  • I've been meaning to get to a couple of things I noticed last week on the Tennessee message boards. First, Small Mike has apparently retired and will no longer appear on local talk shows. Comments? Second, I loved this signature of Scout boarder Katfish: "The South is a place where two plus two equals third and six."

All for now. Have a great day.