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Corn from a Jar Podcast: Closing the book on basketball, sort of

It's a podcast! Digitally knitted together from the scraps of what Joel and I recorded earlier this week, which brings me to this podcasting lesson: if you're not doing a live show, what you're talking about can get outdated real quick. Listen and you'll know what I mean.

Corn from a Jar Vol. 1, No. 5 (Right-click and download, or left-click to launch your browser's mp3 player in a new window.)

In this episode of the CFAJ Podcast, Joel and I try to put a wrap on the basketball season, but invariably end up talking about football, including what will be a pretty good discussion about Tim Tebow at some point in the future (dang it, I'm doing it again). We also discuss Pat Summitt's value to Tennessee as a whole and women's basketball in particular, and some talk about Bruce Pearl's future that is a little behind the times now that he's officially turned Iowa down.

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