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Your mission, should you choose to accept it ...

Well apparently, neither Joel nor myself have had time to post today, and I still don't have time right now. But I do have two quick challenges for y'all:

  • Take a look at the SEC Tournament bracket (.pdf). How far do you see UT going? Will they make it to Saturday? At the beginning of the season, a lot of folks would have had LSU (our first-round opponent) and Ole Miss (potential second-round match-up) switched. LSU has talent, which outside of their win over Florida, they've done a good job of hiding this season. Ole Miss is a team that Tennessee has already lost to. And then there is a possible rubber match with the Abomination. UT might have gotten the hardest draw in the tourney. What do you think?
  • The football Vols had a scrimmage Saturday which was reportedly dominated by defense and 45-mph winds . The starting line-ups looked like this:

    Offensive Starters:
    LT Chris Scott, LG, Ramon Foster, C Michael Frogg, RG Jacques McClendon, RT Steven Jones, WR Lucas Taylor, WR Austin Rogers, TE Chris Brown, TE Brad Cottam, QB Erik Ainge, TB Arian Foster.

    Defensive Starters:
    LE Xavier Mitchell, LT J.T. Mapu, RT Demonte' Bolden, RE Wes Brown, SLB Ryan Karl, MLB Ellix Wilson, WLB Rico McCoy, LCB Antonio Gaines, RCB Marsalous Johnson, FS Jonathan Hefney, SS Jarod Parrish.

    Here's my question for you: How different will that line-up look when the Vols travel to California in September?

All for now. Go Vols!