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Rocky Top Talking Points: etc., etc., etc. edition

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  • We can take a joke, part II. Fulmer's Belly has the second installment of its rebuttal to DJ Gallo's dissection of the lyrics to Rocky Top.
  • Mun-nay!!! Yesterday, Chris Lofton became the first junior since Dale Ellis in 1982 to be named the SEC Player of the Year by the AP. He received one vote more than Vandy's Derrick Byars. Lofton leads the league in scoring with 20.6 per game. Congratulations to the Discombobulator.
  • More walk, less talk. Sort of along the lines of today's Time Capsule, coaches Fulmer and Cutcliffe kept the offensive linemen after practice to do extra drills yesterday. A few quotes from Fulmer:

    We have some guys that need some individual attention and some guys that need to pick it up as far as understanding what it takes to play at this level.

    Actually, that group played reasonably well [at Saturday's scrimmage], but we've got to go faster, we've got to do a lot less talking, and they've got to take a lot more accountability to get to five, six, seven guys that can really go to war.

    I find the "we've got to do a lot less talking" bit interesting. Who's been talking and what do you think they've been saying?

  • Eyes for eyes, or at least beers for beers. Andy has more on Josh McNeil's suspension over at the FanHouse and notes that the punishment fits the crime.
  • Vols' still hungry. Chris Low, who generally writes for The Tennessean, has a nice piece for on the Vols and their desire to win their first SEC title since 1998. Wow, has it really been that long?