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BREAKING: Tennessean reporting that Ainge is to have surgery to repair meniscus

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Hat tip to reader gramsey712, who reports that The Tennessean is reporting that Ainge in Orange is facing surgery for a torn meniscus.

Details to follow. Update [2007-3-8 16:54:13 by Joel]: A few more particulars:

Ainge believes the injury occurred in the weight room. If the meniscus can simply be removed, Ainge should be back by June 1. If it has to be repaired, like Robert Meachem's did, he could miss some portion of the season. He could opt to postpone surgery until after spring practice, but that would, of course, delay his rehab.

Remember Ainge's tendency to not admit when there's a problem (he didn't fully understand the offense, or he had turf toe) out of fear he would lose playing time to Rick Clausen? I say get it done now and give Crompton time to develop some chemistry with the receivers.

As always, Loser with Socks has a unique perspective on the story.