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LSU coach John Brady sings Rocky Top: Tennessee-LSU open thread

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March 8, 2007, 9:45 EST
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You really only need to know one thing: LSU is coached by John Brady. (You must click on that link!) Really. Do it now!

Update [2007-3-8 20:47:7 by Joel]: D'oh! Link fixed.

Update [2007-3-8 21:35:26 by Joel]: Okay. Here's the abbreviated history. LSU Coach John Brady accuses Pearl of lacking class. Nice. Brady later takes a swipe at UT guard Jordan Howell, saying it's not like he's Pete Maravich.

Today, Brady fails miserably while trying to be diplomatic in response to a question about how to deal with Dane Bradshaw, effectively insulting two players at once by saying essentially that he was worried about Lofton and "that Smith kid" and not that worried about Bradshaw. Bradshaw responded by saying all of the right things to the media and following that up by saying, (paraphrasing) "I'm saying all of the right things, right guys?" JaJuan Smith said that he couldn't wait to tell the other guys, and you know he's not that fond of being referred to as "that Smith kid."

So, Brady has offended the head coach, the heart and soul of our team, an important role player, and our best defender.

Let's get 'em, guys.