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Rocky Top Talking Points: save your posts, people edition

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I was just about finished with this morning's Talking Points post when my browser crashed. My Performance-edited post followed it into oblivion. No time for anything but a link dump, so here it is:

  • Time Capsule: Sixty-percent raise for Pearl last year. Worth it? Yes.
  • Honors for Lofton and the Vols from national coaches? Yes. Honors for Lofton and the Vols from SEC coaches? Yes and no.
  • Pearl's take on the SEC Tourney? Postive, as always.
  • Today's must-read piece. The gist: LSU coach John Brady fails miserably in attempting to be diplomatic when asked a question about Dane Bradshaw. Expect more on this in a game thread by either Andy or myself later this afternoon or tonight.
  • Our friendly rivals over at the great 'Bama blog Roll Bama Roll are having trouble with orange-clad trolls stirring up trouble. Let's not embarrass the orange, okay folks?
  • We've been looking for an apt nickname for JaJuan Smith all season. How does "The Pest" fit?
  • Today's public service announcement: Save your posts!

Somebody say argh.