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Rocky Top Talking Points: the skinny on the sports blogosphere's inside jokes and more edition

Quickly now. Time's a wastin'.

  • Catch up on some of the sports blogosphere's best inside jokes, courtesy of The Chicago Sports Review.
  • Two posts already this morning: Exclusive video of LSU coach John "Just a Baby" Brady singing Rocky Top, and a short recap of last night's overtime loss to LSU.
  • Only 11% of y'all proved to know what you were talking about (I was not in this elite group) in the last poll, saying that the Vols would win zero games in the SEC Tourney. The new poll asks you to predict the Vols' seed for the NCAA Tournament.
  • Sports Blogs Nation will be premiering the SB Nation Sports Report this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. EST on Blog Talk Radio. Here's the press release:

    SB Nation Sports Report -- I'm happy to announce that the premiere episode of The SB Nation Sports Report is this Sunday at 8pm EST on BlogTalkRadio. The Sports Report is the official podcast of SB Nation, and it will happen live, allowing listeners to call-in or IM the hosts to discuss anything and everything sports related. The premiere episode is hosted by TheSportsGuru (John Bena of Mile High Report (SBN's Denver Broncos blog) and BigBlueShoe of Stampede Blue (SBN's Indianapolis Colts blog). Our main topics will focus on NFL free agency, the Signature Pharmacy steriod scandal involving baseball and football, and the NCAA tournament. Guests on the show include Fooch from Niners Nation, the immortal Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation, and SkinsPatrol of Hogs Haven.
  • Time Capsule: On this day last year, I was ignoring the story about two basketball players being arrested for possession of crack, much like one ignores the "proverbial plumber's proud display of his posterior cleavage." The big question of the day was whether ahead-to-the-past offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe could reanimate Erik Ainge. Interesting timing, isn't it, since we learned yesterday that Ainge has torn his meniscus and will most likely be out at least for the remainder of spring practice. Call this the Reclamation Project.
  • Speaking of Ainge's knee, they're still not sure what they're going to do. He could be out 4-6 weeks if they need to cut the thing out. If they can repair it, which would be better for Ainge's long-term mobility, he'll be out 8-12 weeks. Fulmer said, "Either way, he should be just fine by the time we get to June and approaching the season." I'm not sure that math works out, but I'm optimistic that he'll be fine for the season. Still, he'll lose a great deal of opportunity to develop chemistry with a new receiving corps.

Time's up. Have a great day.