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Recruiting 2008: the Quarterbacks

While Joel is giving us a deeper look at the recruits of the 2007 signing class, I'll be taking a look ahead at the class of '08 and the prospects Tennessee's coaches will be falling all over themselves to impress during the coming year.

We start with the glamor boys of football, albeit the shortest list of all positions this year for UT and one that's not exactly a priority considering who is already on the roster, the quarterbacks. Right now, there's only one player of note publicly holding an offer from Tennessee: Winter Haven, Florida's D.C. Jefferson.


Need: Low
On roster in '08: Crompton (Jr), Stephens (So), Coleman (So)

Name Ht./Wt./40 Hometown/School Offer? Schools Notes
6-5/237/4.76 Winter Haven (FL)
Winter Haven
Y Tenn, LSU, Miss; Ala, Fla, FSU, OSU Made Scout's All-Florida Combine team, FWIW.

Recent updates: Reluctantly removed Rivals 100 QB Braden Hanson, thereby killing any future Slapshot references.

CFAJ inane commentary: In recruiting, just like on the field, QBs always get the most attention. With Cutcliffe on staff Tennessee will always get interest from outstanding quarterbacks, but with what UT has on roster it's not a position of need in '08. Then again, it wasn't really a position of need this time last year when BJ Coleman was a 2-star prospect. Over the year, Coleman improved his standing and became one of the standout recruits of 2007's class, so you never know what you'll find.

Hoping for: A scholly not to be wasted on a throw-away take.

Realistic: One or no QBs taken, though this Jefferson kid looks pretty good and seems to be interested. Rumor is that Cutcliffe wants to take a QB in this class, but I'm sure offensive coordinators always want a QB in every class.

Up next: the running backs