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Distillation & Distribution 4/17/07

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A new feature here on Rocky Top Talk: Distillation & Distribution. There are a lot of stories every day that Joel and I would like to comment on, but time prohibits. This feature is a way of pointing out the best of what's around the tubes on any given day, the things that Joel and I wouldn't otherwise get to mention and things that might have slipped through the cracks the first time around.

I also need to hat tip Brian for this idea, I gleaned it from the link roll in his sidebar. These links come from my page, if you have an account and would like to add my links to your network, you can click here.

Today's batch starts with some Vol items and degenerates into Vanderbilt women's bowling. For reals.

Around Big Orange Country:
Tennessee Scouting Report
Draft opinion from Parys Harrelson on this year's crop of Vols
Lofton has thoughts of going pro
Anosike: Imus flap detracts from UT's title
Good point, I bet 90% of the population thinks Rutgers won the national title
The proliferation of spring football ...
Spring football: The obsession is national now
"What's next, ESPNU coverage of 'Mat Drills 07'?"
UK's Woodson looks untouchable
It's spring, in Kentucky, and they just hired a new basketball coach, yet they're talking football. Apocalypse pending.
Coach O says time for Rebels to be bowl bound
At least they think that's what he said
... and the Tebowfication of college football, maybe.
Tebow off to great start as full-time starter
Yeah, but ...
Gators have work to do in defensive backfield
... does one inform the other?
And ain't this cute?
Vandy finally has first NCAA team champion
... in women's bowling. How apropos.