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Distillation& Distribution 4/18/07

A new feature here on Rocky Top Talk: Distillation & Distribution. There are a lot of stories every day that Joel and I would like to comment on, but time prohibits. This feature is a way of pointing out the best of what's around the tubes on any given day, the things that Joel and I wouldn't otherwise get to mention and things that might have slipped through the cracks the first time around.

UT whatnot:
UT declares signee McKenzie ineligible after violation($)
Don't worry, the KNS is just being sensational with their headline. Nevin's sister is his guardian, but not his legal guardian, so UT paying for her accommodations on Nevin's official visit was a violation (a similar situation happened with Jacques McClendon as a frosh). McKenzie will be eligible in the fall.
I can help but cringe when I see one of our players say: "We had great tutors."
Tangentially UT whatnot:
UT not on the leaderboard, Florida is in 3rd. Tell ya what, you guys keep the Fulmer Cup, we'll take back our cheese sammich, 'k?
Division I board to consider text message ban
... for recruiting purposes. Probably a good idea, though seems hard to police.
Top 100 list out: UGA recruit Green No. 3 - Football recruiting
No UT commits from Scout's Top 100. There's the panic button over there if you want to be the first to push it.
SEC whatnot:
Is There a Power Shift Taking Place in the S.E.C.?
Is there? IS THERE!?!? Um, no, there isn't.
Spurrier lifts Garcia's suspension
Answers the question: "How bad were Carolina's QBs this spring?"
Nutt's open letter addresses rumors
Now is the spring of his discontent.
Apocalypse pending:
(this will need to be a daily feature of this daily feature)
Patchwork offensive line adjusting to problems
Kentucky fans talking offensive line play is akin to Vol fans discussing the merits of hard trapping out of the 1-3-1 press.
Alabama could draw largest crowd ever for a spring football game -
"Bryant-Denny Stadium on the Alabama campus holds 92,138 fans. It might not be enough." Stop it. Just stop it.