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Orange and White game more of an indistinguishable gray

So what can you say about the Orange and White Game? Here are the pieces:

  • Third-string QB Nick Stephens, leading the second string offense over the second string defense, started out great, but finished with two interceptions.
  • First-string QB Jonathan Crompton didn't really find his stride until the game was winding down, but he did manage the only passing touchdown of the day with 33 seconds left.
  • Same goes for Arian Foster, who looked a bit shaky until toward the end of the game. He finished with eight carries for 63 yards, including a really nice 21-yard ziggedy-zagger.
  • Quintin Hancock and Austin Rogers looked like our two best receivers at this point, as Hancock pulled down three catches for 42 yards and Rogers grabbed four for 55 yards.
  • Oh, and Britton Colquitt hit a 52-yard field goal, and Tyler Wolfe returned an interception for 73 yards, so there's that.

But looking at it, it really seemed pretty blah overall to me. Offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe apparently thought the offense was worse than blah.

A little bit of good news, though, is that Demonte' Bolden is going to be all right ($). He was attended to for several minutes and carted off the field on a stretcher after sustaining a neck injury late in the game. All tests were negative.

And then there's Arian Foster. Foster informed media that he had taken on a new persona and the name Spencer Douglas. This was on Saturday, not April Fool's Day, but he was certainly having fun ($). When a reporter asked, "Where do you think the offense is right now," Foster/Douglas responded, "They're probably in the locker room because we just had a spring game." So Foster's feeling fine.

Check out's photo gallery and video highlights.

You can also check out a slideshow from all of the pictures I took Saturday. If you have any pictures you wouldn't mind me posting here, please send them to me.