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Rocky Top Talking Points: on ladies, men, and spring football

  • The Lady Vols pulled out a fantastic come-from-behind victory over nemesis North Carolina last night to advance to the national championship game, which will be played Tuesday night at 8:30 EST and will be shown on ESPN. Tennessee scored something like 20 of the last 22 points on its way to a 56-50 win. In their last 15 possessions, the Tar Heels had seven turnovers and missed all eight field goals.
  • Tonight's men's game should lighten Vol fans' hearts. If Ohio State wins, we will have played the national champ twice and lost by a total of three points. If Florida wins, we will have beaten the champ once this year and twice last year. Okay, so it's not nearly as cool as, you know, actually winning, but it's encouraging nonetheless. We are positioned well for next year.
  • Time capsule: To put the spring game into context . . . one year ago today: Asumnu, Stewart shine in scrimmage:
    Former Volunteer basketballer Stanley Asumnu, who decided to give football a try now that his basketball eligibility is exhausted, turned in the highlight of yesterday's spring practice scrimmage, pulling in a 50-yard pass.

    Did Asumnu even get in a game last year? I'm just sayin'.
  • Time capsule, II: Also one year ago today, Kyle and I were both talking about Great Moments in Bad Sponsorship. Did you remember that The Season of Which We Do Not Speak was, in part, sponsored by Joseph Construction Disaster Cleaning and Restoration?