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Distillation & Distribution 4/20/07

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Just a random melting pot for your Friday.

And speaking of pot...
Report: Top NFL Prospects Admit Drug Use
Includes Calvin Johnson, Gaines Adams, and Amobi Okoye. I don't really think it's a big deal or anything, but being 4/20 and all...
And speaking of bad ideas...
LSU dismisses 3 players for conduct unbecoming
At LSU, you wear your hat tall and white, else you get the boot.
Ex-Razorback quarterback Mustain to transfer to USC
Coach Carroll, I'd like for you to meet my mom...
Big fish in the SEC fishbowl
Tony Barnhart turns the sagas of Mike DuBose-Nick Saban-Tubby Smith-Billy Gillispe into some kind of love quadrangle. Bottom line: Kentucky basketball and Alabama football fans are crazy. Duh.
And speaking of non sequiturs...
Ohio State Hoop Stars to Coach Football Spring Game
Yeah, 'cause ... wait, what?
Blatant Rip-off of the Dan Patrick Show: Who is the Sanjaya of Sports?
Vandy Sports Line says: Phil Fulmer. I was starting to like those guys (you know, as far as Vandy fans go), but now they're on my list.
And speaking of Vandy...
Vandy's pitch is success
About Vandy baseball, but I like the opening line:" The 'orange influence' is almost impossible to avoid when growing up in Tennessee, especially for an athlete."
And speaking of Tennessee...
Leader from start to finish (Al Wilson)
Nice piece from Jeff Legwold of the Rocky Mt. News on Al Wilson being released from the Broncos, and where he and the team go from here.
And speaking of nothing in particular...
Download Your Very Own Dunder Mifflin Letterhead
I'm sure some fan of The Office can find a use for this.