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Distillation and Distribution 4/24/07

Ok, I'm done with the Alabama thing. Almost.
They Have A Love For Nick Saban That I Can't Comprehend
Deadspin's take on the A-Day scrimmage. Key quote: "I still don't understand."
Now I'm done with it. On to UT stuff:
Men's Golf: Tennessee Takes SEC Men's Golf Championship
Football: Value At Top With Offensive Linemen
Underrates Arron Sears IMO
And other randomness...
No matter the season, Southeastern Conference football a force of nature
Unintentionally points out the shortcomings of spring practice: lots of questions fans have about their teams, but none of them have been answered yet.
Coaches Ask NCAA To Delay Decision On Text Message Ban
Of course they do, you don't support anything that will make your job harder.
Vanderbilt teams thrive without athletic director
Well "thriving" is a realitive term, but that women's bowling title really went to their head didn't it?