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Rocky Top Talking Points: catching up edition

A brief respite from the Getting to Know You stuff.

  • A little help. I'm compiling a list and clips of Tennessee's best/most important plays of last year for a bracket-style tournament of plays later this summer. For some reason, both of my Tivos missed the Marshall and Arkansas games. If anyone knows where I could find copies of these games, let me know. I'd be much obliged.
  • If you somehow missed it, head over to Sunday Morning Quarterback for his Absurdly Premature Assessment of Florida. While you're there, tap into the archives for features on UT rivals Alabama and Kentucky.
  • Speaking of SMQ, he may not have had much to say about the some 92,000 fans at Alabama's spring game, but what little he did say captured the whole thing into one tiny little nutshell: "Sometimes the absurdity of reality renders parody obsolete."
  • And speaking of Alabama, well, see for yourself. (Very minor language alert.)
  • Control thyself. First, results of the last poll: 61% of y'all think we should fire up the Rocky Top Talk football countdown clock "Now, now, now." 25% think we should wait until mid-summer, and 12% think we should wait until 30 days from kickoff. Expect it sometime between "now, now, now" and 30 days prior to kickoff. Discipline, folks.

    The new poll asks which of the former Vols will go first in the NFL draft this weekend.

  • Editing ESPN. One other thing you should not have missed last week: Burnt Orange Nation redlines ESPN's press release on its coverage of the upcoming NFL draft.
  • Fully loaded. Did you see this? Virginia Tech is developing a helmet that wirelessly monitors the number and severity of hits a player takes. Pretty cool.
  • You're a geek. Just concede the point and move along. Also from Fanblogs is a list of football schedules in ical format, which means you can import them into Outlook, Google Calendar, and other calendaring programs. Tennessee's is here.
  • Be careful what you ask for. GVX's Mike Strange has an interesting piece contrasting coaches Fulmer and Pearl. Headline: Pearl wants Fulmer-like expectations ($).
  • Perspective. John Pennington calls out negativity ($) in sports.

Until later then.