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Distillation & Distribution 4/26/07

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Mostly Vol stuff today.

But first,
College Football's Never Been More Popular
CFR's got the proof ... thankfully, it doesn't have anything to do with spring scrimmage attendance.
You can't have our cheese.
Bear Witness
Interview in Cal student paper w/Cal LB Zac Follett: "I'm going to go out there and try to hurt people." It begins.
Vols in the draft
Turk McBride waiting to watch his dream come true
"I believe I'm pretty well-rounded. I'm from the East Coast. I went to school down South. I trained in L.A. I've almost been everywhere except the Midwest. I just want to play football, basically."
After recovering from injuries, Vols' Harrell climbing draft boards
"All 32 (NFL) team doctors twisted and pulled on (my arm) in Indianapolis (at the NFL combine), and it was re-checked at the end of the month. I was confident in my arm."
Also, some Fanhouse stuff I've done on Robert Meachem, Arron Sears, and Justin Harrell, if you're interested.
Vol whatnot:
Fulmer makes rounds in Midstate
Recruiting whatnot.
East Ridge star commits to Vols
Basketball recruiting whatnot, Phillip Jurick, class of '08. One of the top players in that state and a guy Pearl really wanted, so woo.
UT guard is cited for noise violation
JaJuan Smith is bringin' da noise! and getting ticketed for it.
Brandon Warren appeal Friday
Look at the bottom of the article, Warren will make his plea in a teleconference Friday. The future of Vol TEs hangs in the balance. (HT: SMQ)
Top 30 Games to Get Excited About in 2007, Part Two
Rakes of Mallow's list includes Tenn/Arkansas
And in the name of unadulterated randomness,
To play Brick in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which Paul Newman played a decade before Cool Hand Luke. Cool J, Cool Luke, makes sense, right? Um, no, probably not.