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Distillation & Distribution 4/27/07

First, from the Dept. of Ugh:
Roshaun Fellows Dismissed From The Football Team
At least it's not like we need defensive backs any way. Wait, what? Aw, crap.
But something we can be proud of:
He be all smart and junk!
A couple more draft items:
Should the 49ers gamble on Justin Harrell or Marcus Thomas?
I think you know my answer: the guy who, on the seventh day said, "I'll take it from here."
List of potential draftees from Tennessee colleges
Nothing you didn't know, but, you know.
"That's deep, man":
FSU faculty will hear Warren's case today
Philosophy from Deirdre Warren: "I don't want people to be thinking I'm dying because I'm not.  I'm dying -- we're all dying -- but not today."
Where Do Quarterbacks Come From?
The stork? Actually an interesting analysis of where successful NFL QBs have been drafted.
But you already knew this:
San Jose St. dropped Tennessee game for Nebraska
"In general, playing in SEC territory is tougher than playing in Big 12 country. Longer trips, more humidity, bigger stadiums, better teams." Dang right.