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Distillation & Distribution 4/30/07

Reaction from around the interwebs on the Vols selected in Saturday's draft.

Justin Harrell (1st round, 16th pick, Green Bay)
NFL draft: Boo birds greet Packers' top pick
"Told that the fans booed his selection, Harrell said: 'Hopefully when I get down there (I can) just show them what I can do, they'll start accepting me, (and that will) turn those boos into cheers.'"
"That magical moment when Harrell became the 16th person selected to play in the NFL - and ESPN immediately cut to a shot of children demonstrating their disregard for the Packers' choice of Harrell."
Most of NFC North teams improve
But not Green Bay, according to the article: "If you're a Green Bay fan, you're hanging your head, wondering why, why, why?" They're going to be surprised by how much they like Harrell.
Humble Harrell is 'just a super kid'
So why aren't Pack fans happy with the pick?
Justin Harrell Is Not A Toy That Favre Can Play With
That's probably the answer
Robert Meachem (1st, 27, New Orleans)
Meachem was wearing a t-shirt with the #27 in honor of his friend Darrent Williams, the Broncos' CB who was shot and killed in January. Meachem was picked -- 27th.
Saints coach Payton on today's selections: Character counts
"First-round selection Robert Meachem fit[s] that mold"
Arron Sears (2nd, 35, Tampa Bay)
Vol joins line competition
Gruden sees Sears at depth at tackle right now, but a starter at guard in the future.
Turk McBride (2nd, 56, Kansas City)
Chiefs roll the dice again on defensive tackles
Apparently KC has been burned here before
Here Comes The McBride
Ignoring the cheesey headline, KC's coaches seem high on Turk.
Jonathan Wade (3rd, 84, St. Loius)
Wade among three Evangel players drafted
Evangel High School in Louisiana had three former players drafted over the weekend. So did Alababma. I'm just sayin'.
No draft party for Wade
Unlike Brady Quinn, Wade wanted to be alone during draft.
Marvin Mitchell (7th, 220, New Orleans)
Vols' Mitchell headed to New Orleans
Marvin tried to take his mind off the draft by helping his dad remodel the kitchen. By the sixth round it had three sinks and seven ovens.

That last link has some info on Vols going the free agent route:

  • James Wilhoit - Baltimore
  • Jayson Swain - Chicago
  • Matt McGlothlin - Kansas City
  • Corey Anderson - Houston