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Getting to know Tennessee's new recruits: No. 31, FB Kevin Cooper

Tennessee's No. 31 recruit, another in-state product from Chattanooga, is fullback Kevin Cooper.

No, not that Kevin Cooper.

This Kevin Cooper, who committed to Tennessee in May, 2006, at a time when Vol fans were clamoring for more in-state prospects and just before they started agitating for more out-of-state four- and five-star recruits.

Have a look at Cooper's recruiting video and you'll quickly realize that he is one of those bowling ball types, a big, reasonably fast runner who only comes to rest after knocking several guys out of his way first. From his recruiting video and bio, it appears that he was primarily a running back in high school, but, probably due to his size and 4.7 speed, he's projected to play fullback in college. Such a projection may be a bit unnerving for Cooper in light of the way the position itself essentially vanished (or morphed into another tight end) last season when former Vol fullback Cory Anderson struggled to reach the expectations he created for himself over the prior couple of seasons. Perhaps Cooper can impress the coaches enough that they'll rediscover the position.

So what do you Chattanooga guys know about Cooper?