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Distillation & Distribution solicits opinion

I began rolling out the 2008 recruiting board a while back and got through the quarterbacks and running backs before figuring out that I was falling way behind the other positions and couldn't really keep up with what was going on. In other words, my system wasn't working for me.

So instead, here's the whole dang thing all at once: the 2008 Tennessee Recruiting Board (clicky clicky). The problems with it are sundry and glaring (in spots). But I figured this stage of revision would be a good place to ask for input. So, questions, if you care to opine:

  1. Does it work for you visually (is the anything about the layout that would make it look better)?
  2. Is there any information you would like to see added (or any you could do without)?
  3. Does it work better with or without the "inane commentary"?

Answers and any other comments, as always, are appreciated.