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Recruiting Board Update 5/15/07

Some hasty revisions to the 2008 recruiting board:

Added Trotwood, Ohio, teammates Michael Shaw (RB) and Brandon Moore (TE). Moore is said to be a playmaking TE and seems to be a player UT could use if Cutcliffe continues to use two-tight sets more than fullbacks. Also added JUCO DE Brandon Sesay, who originally committed to UGA out of high school but has Tennessee listed among many others now.

Dropped DT Templeton Hardy, who no longer has UT listed.

Linked to an article about safety Jamoris Slaughter, who I incorrectly had listed as holding an offer from Tennessee. According to the article, he is hoping for a offer from the Vols.

Another note: the board has a column for "Average Stars," but right now it's just's star ranking. When Rivals starts starring guys I'll start to average them together. I also hope to start applying out Rocky Top Talk "Jars" system at some point.